Who we are

Introducing Italia Nostra

Italia Nostra is the first national association created to protect and enhance the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the country. It was founded on October 29, 1955 on the initiative of the archaeologist Umberto Zanotti-Bianco, Giorgio Bassani, Elena Croce and a group of intellectuals and artists, to counter a new gutting of the historic center of Rome, in conjunction with the economic recovery of the war.

Born to implement Article 9 of the Italian Constitution: art. 9 of the Constitution: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research. Protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation “. Italia Nostra, was immediately recognized as Ente Morale, with Presidential Decree n.1111 of 1956.

For over fifty years, awareness campaigns and cultural voluntary activities organized by Italia Nostra have contributed to spreading the “culture of conservation” of the urban and rural landscape, of the monuments, of the urbanistic character of the cities. “Cultural heritage”, natural and historical evolution, historical centers, urban and territorial planning, national parks, the environment, the energy question, the country’s development model, road and transport, agriculture , the sea, the coasts, the islands, the museums, the libraries, the historical archives: these are some of the most important chapters of Italy Nostra’s capillary activity, often supported by a thorough research documented by an extensive publicity that today constitutes unique and irreplaceable heritage available to the country.

The Association has also promoted an intense activity of legislative suggestion as a stimulus for the drafting of new rules for the protection and enhancement of the Italian historical and environmental heritage. Recognized ONLUS Association (not linked to political parties and non-profit) has grown through the establishment of more than 200 sections and 18 regional councils throughout the national territory. Since the Seventies, Italia Nostra has promoted research in the fields of teaching and training to promote Environmental Education and has interwoven international relations with the foundation of “Europa Nostra” – federation of 220 European associations – and participation in the BEE (Bureau) Europeen de l’Environnement). Italia Nostra publishes a monthly and non-fiction works.

The Association is engaged, with over 200 sections, throughout the national territory.